The next Manchester & London Meets - 25th September (MAN)

Wrestle4afee - W4AF, since 2012

Next MANCHES'Meet' Sat. 16th February 2019, 2-6 PM, Manchester


Age: 58
Weight:  13 1/2 st,  190lbs,  86kg
Height: 5'-10" ,  1.78m
BMI 27 1
Pro. Wrestling - many years.

Preferred Styles
Even Submission/Pro matches with give and take.

Looking to coach too.  


British Professional Wrestling

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
"Promission" Wrestling

Stand Up Fighting & UFC and MMA style matches

Rip & Strip


Pro Gear, Speedos, Boots.

MMA & Vale Tudo Gear

Boxing Gear, Wrestling Gear fetishes

Has access to a ring and mats.  Is into modelling and stakes

Any day, 9 am to 10 pm or whatever times suit you. 

Rates from £50 per hour plus travel expenses and ring hire.  

High Wycombe/London based, 

Direct Tel No. - 07879 696479