The next Manchester & London Meets - 25th September (MAN)

Wrestle4afee - W4AF, since 2012

Next MANCHES'Meet' Sat. 16th February 2019, 2-6 PM, Manchester


Age: 41

Weight:  15stn, 198lbs, 90kg

Height: 5’- 10”,  1.78m

Build: Stocky

Preferred Styles

Competitive Submission Wrestling

Semi-competitive Wrestling

Fantasy Wrestling

Fantasy and Semi-competitive Boxing

Skype Boxing and Wrestling


Speedos only


$200 for a 30 minute session, $300 for a one hour session

$100 deposit one week before to confirm.


Any day, 9 am to 10 pm or whatever times suit you,

Oregon/Washington USA based, will travel at weekends

only up to 3 hours travelling time.  Additionally I am touring

the USA in 2019 and in these cities on these dates, if you'd

like to contact me and make arrangements - 

Los Angeles, CA 13-14 June

Sacramento, CA July 6-10

Las Vegas, NV July 10-13

Contact direct - Tel. (Text only) - 1-360-558-8344