The next Manchester & London Meets - 25th September (MAN)

Wrestle4afee - W4AF, since 2012

Next MANCHES'Meet' Sat. 16th February 2019, 2-6 PM, Manchester


Age: 24


Weight: 12.6 st, 176 lbs, 80 kg


Height: 5'9", 1.75 m


Build: Muscular 




French Professional Wrestling - 5 years.


Practised Judo for 5 years, Jiu Jitsu 6

months and Kung Fu for 1 month in


Ground Wrestling for 4 years.


Preferred Styles 

British Professional Wrestling


"Promission" Wrestling



Trunks, Tights, Biker Shorts, Boots,

Barefoot, Full Professional Character Gear.



Any day, 1 pm to 10 pm, Manchester, Yorkshire & Bordeaux Based. Travel so the USA

frequently.  I am travelling in May and June and I am  available for video work and

private clients. On the 21th of May to the 5th of June I will be in Cancun and then from

the 6th of June to the 6th of July I'll be in New York.

Contact via WhatsApp Only (+33) 632674144 or Email -  [email protected]

I am now requiring a 50% deposit for private sessions due to me being let down with no

shows and cancellations please.