The next Manchester & London Meets - 25th September (MAN)

Wrestle4afee - W4AF, since 2012

Next MANCHES'Meet' Sat. 16th February 2019, 2-6 PM, Manchester


Age: 46
Weight: 170lbs,  77kg
Height: 5’- 10”,  1.77m
Build: Muscular & Strong
Many years of Submission Wrestling, NHB and Private


Preferred Styles


Controlled and 'safe' NHB

Jui Jitsu

Arm Wrestling

"Promission" Wrestling

Any day, whatever times suit you,

Barcelona based

Only email him directly - [email protected]

Available the possibility of real combats between

Jon (Barcelona) and me. We can fight for you,

then fight with one or both, only viewer and your

massage to the winner, etc. Many possibilities

for your amusement.