The next Manchester Meet, will be on Saturday 29th February 2020

Wrestle4afee - W4AF

Next MANCHES'Meet' Sat. 16th February 2019, 2-6 PM, Manchester

These are vouchers that can be used to prepay the agreed services of your chosen wrestler, video or gear being either a deposit, part payment or payment in full.  Primarily, you agree the cost of the service that you require with your chosen wrestler and then purchase sufficient vouchers to cover those costs. Each voucher is worth £1 - £25 so if your chosen service costs £100, for example, you would simply purchase 4 vouchers (£25 x 4 = £100). Please choose the voucher below and how many of that amount you wish to purchase to guarantee your appointment with your chosen wrestler in advance and save the need for any cash transactions on the day of your appointment.  The vouchers come in mutiples of £25, £10 and £1.

The vouchers can be used in multiples as payment for your chosen merchandise too.