The next Manchester & London Meets - 27th November (MAN)

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Next MANCHES'Meet' Sat. 16th February 2019, 2-6 PM, Manchester

Please click on each of our photos below to see our stats, more photos and how to contact us.
 We are now divided into United Kingdom & Europe based (just below) and the Americas, Canada & Asia based (further below)


 Plymouh - UK

Manchester - UK

Birmingham - UK

Manchester - UK

Cumbria - UK

Huddersfield - UK

Ispwich - UK

Manchester - UK

Dimitri, Manchester
 & Bordeaux - France

Manchester - UK

Ben A
Brighton & London - UK

Maximus, Ireland - but travels

North Staffs - UK

Manchester - UK

Manchester - UK

Greater London UK

Manchester - UK

* Dean *
Mablethorpe - UK

*Alex Ryan*
Manchester - UK

Barcelona - Spain

The King
London - UK

Wakefield - UK

Blackpool area - UK

* Max *
London - UK

London - UK

Delinquent - DQ
Huddersfield - UK

London - UK

Jack B
Congleton - UK

Manchester - UK

London - UK

Barcelona - Spain

Bristol - UK

 Leeds - UK

Steve Mason
Barcelona - Spain

Birmingham - UK

Leeds - UK

London - UK

Matt Fletcher
For videos only - UK

Marseilles - France

Danny F
Manchester - UK

Selby - UK

London - UK

Jack A
London - UK

Bristol - UK

Paris - France

*AJ Nasty*
Chelmsford - UK

Milton Keynes - UK

Leeds - UK

Manchester - UK

London - UK

Manchester - UK

Leeds - UK


James C
Franklin, KY - USA

Lobo Gris
Guadalajara - Mexico

Louisville and Indianapolis - USA

Alex Wolf
Iowa - USA

Boston - USA

Hartford CT, USA


Oregon/Wash, USA

Federal Way, WA - USA

New York - USA

Kevin P
Calgary - Canada

Karachi, Pakistan

To book an appointment for a wrestler, simply click on the photograph of your chosen wrestler above and you'll be taken to their profile which contains more information about the wrestler and enables you to text, email or call them directly.

 Wrestlers and Fighters marked with asterisks (*name*) are associated with  (see their photo above and the tab)

Welcome to our website! We are trained wrestlers and martial artists who love to “wrestle for a fee”.  We have UK guys in Birmingham, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Essex, Ipswich, Manchester, Lancashire, London, Merseyside, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, North Wales, Nottingham, Suffolk, Sunderland and Yorkshire. We also have wrestlers in Canada  Alberta, France (Bordeaux, Marseilles and Paris), Ireland, Spain (Barcelona) and in the USA (Boston, California, Connecticut, Detroit, Iowa, Philadelphia, and Wisconsin) All will travel (for a fee!) anywhere in these countries.  We are, alphabetically, AJ Nasty, Alex Ryan, Alex Wolf, Angel, Bakia, Ben, Ben A, Blake, Caesar, Callum*, Chris, Cyril, Damian, Danny, DannyF, Darius, Dean*, Delinquent, Derik*, Dimitri, Ed, Ellis*, Emil, *Faxx*, Fergus**George*, Hamzah, *Hayes*, Ivan, Ivo, *Jack A* James, Jay, John,, Kevin P, Kris, Leandro, LC*Lee*, Mac, Mark, Marlow, Matthew*, Matt* Matt Fletcher, Max*, Maximus, Mike, Moz, Niko, Paul*, Ray, Rob, Richie, Robbie*.RTG1991Sam*, Scott, Selly, Sohail, Solidman, Stan, Steven*, *Steve Mason*, Teeko, The King and TimW   Each of us provides a non-sexual service where you, as the client, choose your style, rules, discipline, gear, duration, venue etc.. We’ll wrestle you, train you and make videos for you. Just ask and we’ll come back to you with cost and availability. Rates are reasonable, varying from £75 - £250 per hour, plus any applicable travel/accommodation expenses. You can arrange with your wrestler to pay directly on the day in cash or you can prepay in part or in full by clicking on the 'PayPal' tab above.


Some wrestlers may ask for a non-refundable deposit or full prepayment. We strongly urge you to pay this safely and securely to [email protected] by PayPal or by using the vouchers as detailed in the PayPal tab above. We’ll release the funds to your chosen wrestler immediately after the meeting has taken place and you are happy. Of course, you could also pay a deposit directly to the wrestler if you feel comfortable doing so but we recommend that payments to your chosen wrestler are more conveniently made via our wrestle4afee PayPal facility. All financial transactions are between you and your chosen wrestler.


You’ll need to pay for any venue – gym, ring - but we have a free matted room in Manchester which you can use on request. There are also privately-owned gyms in Manchester, London, Nottingham (for instance) with rooms, rings, mats etc. which can be hired at very reasonable cost, seven days a week. More details are below, and one of the Manchester gyms is also where we attend the public 'meets'.


Our wrestlers will expect you either to pick them up by car and return them home after your session or to provide, in advance, a train, petrol expenses or a coach ticket.


Please give us plenty of notice when booking your proposed session. To book us, just click on the relevant tab and make contact as suggested.


We also sell match videos - please see, above, the 'video details' tab and the 'quick buy' tabs. You’ll see the price and a 2-3 minute clip directly from our site or via YouTube, Metacafe or Vimeo. All sales, streaming and monthly subscriptions are now available at

  1. We produce 'Custom' videos too - again see the applicable tab above.
  2. Delinquent, Tiger and Ray are associate members (use our email address - [email protected] - to enquire for more details of their availability and how to contact them). 
  3. If you are not based in the same country as your chosen wrestler and therefore cannot text or call them direct, please email us ([email protected]) and we’ll pass on your request direct to your chosen wrestler.
  4. Please use this same email address for any enquiries whatsoever.

Alphabetical quick reference list of UK and EU contact phone numbers for ourselves (text preferred).

 AJ Nasty - Tel. 07939 352260  Arthur - Tel. 07310 299241  Ben - Tel. 07715 879633    
Ben A - Tel. 07931 272413  Caeser - Tel. 07957 372796  Callum -Tel. 07518 134545
Damian - Tel. 07933 333298    Dimitri - Tel. 0033 6 32 67 41 44 (Whatsapp only) +923412263705 - Tel. 07438 954905
Ed - Tel. 07582 738422   Faxx - Tel. 07462 132483  George - Tel. 07871 516673  Hayes - Tel. 07597 697096
 Ivan - Tel. 07702 715810  Jon - Tel. 07526 860511  LC - Tel 07305 888272  Lee - Tel. 07867 310517
  Mac - Tel. 07944 665329  Mark - Tel. 07435 488556  Matt - Tel. 07591 378406  Matthew - Tel. 07377 897619  Richie - Tel. 07957 645052  Robbie - Tel. 07879 696579  Selly - Tel. 07387 991253
  Sohail - Tel. +923412263705 (whatsapp only)  Solidman - Tel. 07921 211279  Stan - Tel. 07340 664717
Teeko - Tel. 07751 597979  The King - Tel. 07847 880783 - Worldwide Wrestling Fighting Profiles Community and it is FREE ! Pre-launch free membership opportunity. Especially 4 you - Serving the Fighting Community - truly free. Find people who share your fighting interests. Members can build their profile, send messages, ‘friend’ people, interact with each other, share interests, and much more – All 4 free! Join us today free of charge – there will never be any charges. Our intention is to encourage commercialism both as advertisements and in commercial profiles to enhance and to fund the site without there being any ‘in your face’ adverts or cookies. • No donations • No advantageous 'special' membership - every member is 'special' • No restrictions • No administrators • No limits, all we ask is fair, common sense usage. • No photo peer review and any contact details allowed within your own profile. Tell your friends, spread the word.

Video Rental Streaming from just $2.99 per video, monthly subscription from $19.99, video download purchases from $9.99 and Annual Subsciption from $199 are now available by clicking on the button below. 
Over 500 videos now available -

Rooms and Ring Hire

Ring and Mats facility for hire in Denton, Manchester.

Private rentable, and heated, large 20 x 20, Ring and facilities (including mat space) for hire in Denton, Tameside, Manchester. Now with a seperate entrance on Catherine Street East. (1 minute from the M60 at Denton Rock/A57 and M67 exit) M34 3RG is the Postcode for Sat Nav. etc.  
Most times and days available.  Hire cost is £30 for the first hour and £15 for each additional hour. Please book in advance to ensure that you get your preferred slots via John (who will attend your visit to open up, leave, return after your session and close ), by email - [email protected] or call - 07879 686300, (afternoons and evenings only)  Plenty of on street parking.  Please see pictures below.

Low cost nearby hotel accommodation, 400 metres walk from £45 per night - 

Click Here

Ring, private matted room, mats facility and now with

an Arm Wrestling Table, for hire in 

Walthamstow, London

Most times and days available, please book in advance to

ensure you get your preferred slots.  Prices from £50 for 

Two hours, for Two people, additional people from £10 per

person.  There are showers, bathroom, and a kitchen area

 included in the price - pictures below. Contact - 

Monique on - 07881 872505

Nearby, low cost accommodation

             Mat facility for hire in Gorton, Manchester.

20 foot x 15 foot, private matted room for rental, in Gorton, 

Manchester, any afternoon or evening.  £20 for the first 

hour, £10 for each additional hour.

Shower facilities available.  

Postcode M18 7JT.  Contact John - Tel. 07879 686300 or 

Email -  [email protected]  pictures below - 

Nearby (200 metres), low cost apartment accommodation from £40 per night - 

Click Here

Some of our most recent video releases.
All previews are free to watch.

All previews are free at

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