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About us

We are individuals who are trained wrestlers and martial artists who, as our web address suggests - "Wrestle For A Fee". To introduce ourselves, our names are, alphabetically: Adam*, Ben, Caesar, Callum*, Chris, CK*, Damian, Danny, DannyF, Darius, Dean*, Emil, Ivan, Jack* Jon, John, LC*, Lee*, Matt*, Max*, Niko, Paul*, Steven, Tommy and Yourek. Please see each of our individual or combined profiles by clicking on our photograph to your left hand side of your screen for more details, stats, availability, styles, experience, and phone numbers for booking, and 'Meets' that we in intend to attend etc. We are based in Derbyshire, Manchester, Lancashire, London, Merseyside, North Wales, Nottingham, Suffolk, and Yorkshire and now, additionally, in France (Bordeaux and Paris), Spain (Barcelona) and in the USA (Boston) but can travel to anywhere in these countries for the right price! We each provide a non-sexual, service where you, as the client, choose your style, rules, discipline, gear, duration, venue etc. and each of us will quote you the cost and our availability. Our rates are reasonable and vary from £50 - £250 per hour, due to the tailor-made nature of our service, plus any travelling  and accommodation expenses, as applicable. The cost of your appointment can be paid on the day of your appointment in cash directly to the wrestler or you can prepay either in part or in full by clicking on the 'Prepay/PayPal' tab above. The cost of the venue, whether it be a gym, a ring, etc. will be at your expense. However, there is a free matted room in Manchester, that can be used at any time for no cost at all. All financial transactions are between your chosen wrestler and yourself. If any travel is involved for the wrestler, they would expect you to either pick them up by car and return them home after their session or provide, in advance, a train or coach ticket. We each ask that you give as much notice as possible for your chosen session to ensure our availability. To book us, click on the relevant tab above and text or call us.  There are privately owned gyms in Manchester, Batley, Barnsley, London, Nottingham and in other places that have rings, mats, and other rooms that can be hired at very reasonable costs, seven days a week - more details are below, and the Manchester gym is also where we attend public 'meets'. We stress that the service provided by each individual is non-sexual and is either on an educational basis or as competition as personal combat sport trainers. We also sell match videos - please see the videos for sale tab above where you can see the price and see a 2-3 minute clip directly from our site or via YouTube. we produce 'Custom' videos too. Tiger and Ray are an associate members (use the contact section for more details).

Any queries can be addressed by completing the contact form at the bottom of the right column of this page. If you wish to prepay your appointment, having discussed the rates with your chosen wrestler, whether it be a deposit, part payment or payment in full, simply click on the prepay/PayPal tab above and purchase the required amount of vouchers for your transaction securely by PayPal.

Latest video release - Adam v CK

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Rooms and Ring Hire


The Wrestling Factory

Located in the center of Manchester - Unit 28, Wellington

House, Pollard St. East, Manchester.  M40 7FS. Is only

approx 2 hours by train from London.

With a 14' x14' wrestling ring, 2 fully matted private rooms 

and a messy room available for hire 7 days a week, we have

probably the best facilities you can get in the U.K. for

wrestling.  The Wrestling Factory has Four main areas.  The

main room has a wrestling ring, then we have Two fully

matted rooms and also a Plastic Fantastic room which is a

messy wrestling room. The rooms are available 7 Days a

week.  Book early to avoid your preferred slot being booked

by someone else !

Contact Us 

Phone Pippa On:  07887 837146



[email protected]


Metrolink direct from Piccadilly Station then a Two minute walk to the Wrestling Factory. Get off at The Holt Town Stop. Approx £3.50 return fare.

Ring & Team for hire

Contact Katie or Tiger - [email protected] & https://www.facebook.com/4thGenerationWrestling

Ring and Mats facility for hire in

Walthamstow, London

Most times and days available, please book in advance to ensure you get your preferred slots.  Prices from £50 for Two hours, for Two people, additional people from £10 per person.  There are showers, bathroom, and a kitchen area included in the price - pictures below. Contact -

Monique on - 07881 872505

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The Meet is simply a way to meet and wrestle or watch others who like to Wrestle. In Manchester, there are three private matted rooms where you can wrestle anyone you wish - privately, including any guy from wrestle4afee that is in attendance or other regulars and obviously any of the other 10 - 30 or so guys who attend. We often get visitors/participants from all corners of the globe!  There is also a ring that can be used as much as you want and a large matted area that is public so again you can wrestle who you want or just watch. Times: 1pm to 6pm. and even though there are Meets on every 2nd Saturday every month, some wrestle4afee Wrestlers will be in attendance at all wrestle4afee Manchester Meets. Cost is £10 per person. Venue: The Wrestling Factory (Pippa's) Unit 28, Wellington House, Pollard Street East, Manchester. M40 7FS. Directions: Use above address and postcode to find driving directions on sat navs etc. Approximately 4 minute drive / taxi / tram from Manchester city center. Parking is available within the complex subject to availability or you can park on the side-streets. As you approach Wellington House, enter through the large iron gates. Go down to the second archway on the left, turn left. The Wrestling Factory is at the bottom left hand corner, Unit 28 - up the stairs 2nd floor. 2 to 5 of the wrestle4afee wrestlers and other invited wrestlers will be in attendance and are available to wrestle free of charge in the ring or in the private rooms.

               MEET INFORMATION

Some of you will have been to these meets before but for those who have not there is a bathroom, shower and changing facilities at the very end of the corridor within the wrestling factory, please feel free to avail yourself or get changed where suitable.  There are five places/rooms that can be used for Wrestling.  Once you have established who you want to wrestle (whether you have chosen to wrestle one of our regulars/new comers or any guy from wrestle4afee, if the room/mat/ring is available, please feel free to use it.  To enable easier availability of the wrestling facilities, you will see a ‘Booking Times’ chart outside each private room where you can book the room session time in advance – please try and use the rooms at the times specified/booked on a fair usage policy, the booking sheet for 3.40 pm - 6.00 pm, will be posted at 3.00 pm - the matted area is available to use at any time, subject to space! Tea, Coffee and Fruit Cordials are available in the kitchen and is free of charge, just help yourself. Please keep everything tidy and leave it as you find it so that we can hand the keys back with confidence that the facilities will be made available to us next month.  


Remember wrestling is a contact sport and inherently, injuries can occur, as such, you participate at your own risk – please be sane and sensible.

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Wrestlers marked with an Asterisk * are Fightlads.  Click anywhere in this box for more details